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An Architectural Manifestation

We may walk through and past the buildings, and as a corner is turned an unsuspected building is suddenly revealed - "The Concise Townscape, Gordon Cullen".
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Masked Marauders


Would you like to have your nerves reattacted to other receptors so that you would experience fire or the like when you paint warm colours?

Inspired by Painwise by JamesTiptree Jr.

Fragments - A Pictureskew

"The pictureskew sees not what this picturesque misses, but what it unsees"- China MiƩville
Process Gif:

Illustrating the darkest black (aka the Gene Wolfe problem)

The brilliant and often underappreciated writer Gene Wolfe coined the world 'Fuligin'.

'Furthermore, the hue fuligin, which is darker than black, admirably erases all folds, bunchings, and gatherings so far as the eye is concerned, showing only a featureless dark.' - The Shadow of The Torturer, 1980.

The good people of Alzabo Soup in their commentary about the book talked about how the book covers failed to convey the concept of the darkest black - a shade so dark that it reflects no light. Here are two front covers of the book. One of them is more abstract than the other. In the more realistic illustration below, one can make out the dimensions and folds of the cloak. In doing this, the illustrator probably chose to represent the phemonemon of darkest black in more relatable terms and let the text guide the imagination of the reader.

In my rather crude paintover, I eliminated all the folds and presented the cloak as experienced by viewers. However, pursuing this option …

The Girl Who Was Plugged In.

Very loosely based on the James Tiptree Jr. short story of the same name.

Dun Denizen