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The much anticipated twirl.

They waited and waited, and then she finally did it, though in her own idiosyncratic style.

Danse Macabre

"'I’ve taken you by the hand , for you must come to my dance'. These are the words I utter on this day. On this occasion, I took a more visual approach, since I've taken a particular interest in environments. And thus, I painted the Danse Macabre. Humans are occasionally admirable, but more often than not, they just amuse me."

Signed, Grim Reaper- 1578 CE

Some music to go with it.

Book Reviews and Musings.

It's my opinion that science fiction and fantasy have had a significant impact on society beyond just entertainment. We see various ideologies of societies being reflected in these works of fiction along with other human, moral or social dilemmas.In a sense, I think art and life influence each other. As an illustrator, I'm often inspired and influenced by the books I read. I make an effort to see the underlying themes and thoughts of the writer, and see if I can learn from them and add further philosophical or sociological depth/intrigue to my illustrations. Here are some of my thoughts on the books I've read in the last month or so.

The City and the City: My first China MiĆ©ville novel and it's mightily impressive. Very pulpy and dare I say, very classy , the story is based around two really bizarre cities, with political and social intrigue. The cities are incredibly fascinating. The backdrop is  possibly a commentary on the minds of  the common people, mor…

Seeking Samarkand: A collaboration.

Here's another collaboration with Nat. It was a contest submission for  The Lost Kids. Hope you like it.