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Ileov, the Sewing Troll

Ileov, the Sewing Troll : Often picked on as kid for not having grotesque hands, he excels at sewing nets, garments and protective armor. Likes the Opera.

Skype Private Classes.

Sketchy Pages Course Listing.

Four Week Courses.

1. Color And Light Theory

Week 1: Types of Lighting, effect of Light on Color of Objects
Week 2: Rendering Reflected lights and reflective surfaces.
Week 3: Creating an Atmosphere with Light and Color
Week 4: Color Harmonies and composing with color

2. Perspective/Landscapes

Week 1: Basics of One and two point perspectives, transfering scales, creating grids
Week 2: 3 point perspective.
Week 3: Understanding curves and organic shapes in perspective
Week 4: Constructive Environments and Landscapes

3. Digital Painting in Photoshop

Week 1: Understanding blending and colors. Painting a Simple object
Week 2: Rendering a still life scene with a single light source.
Week 3: Rendering an outdoor scene.
Week 4: Understanding various layer modes like overlay, color dodge, and quick ways of painting a scene.

4. Constructing Characters from Imagination.

Week 1: Gesture Drawing with emphasis on line of action
Week 2: Shapes, breaking down your ac…