Tuesday 17 May 2011

Will You?

Will You?

Will you lie,
to undo a wrong?

Will you stay true to yourself,
and risk the anger and wrath of others?

Will you stay quiet,
when prejudice and unjustness reigns?

Will you speak your mind,
when people expect silence from you?

Will you stay silent,
and not get involved in nonsense talk?

Will you drop your basket of roses and fight for your friend,
when he has lost all hope and is pursued by ghosts?

Will you try to sing,
even when there's no one in sight?

Will you keep helping others,
when no help is returned?

Will you keep trusting people,
when your outstretched hand is not taken and shook?

Will you forget this mail now,
and think of others that don't ask such questions?

Will YOU?

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