Friday, 5 July 2013

Skype Private Classes.

Sketchy Pages Course Listing.

Four Week Courses.

1. Color And Light Theory

Week 1: Types of Lighting, effect of Light on Color of Objects
Week 2: Rendering Reflected lights and reflective surfaces.
Week 3: Creating an Atmosphere with Light and Color
Week 4: Color Harmonies and composing with color

2. Perspective/Landscapes

Week 1: Basics of One and two point perspectives, transfering scales, creating grids
Week 2: 3 point perspective.
Week 3: Understanding curves and organic shapes in perspective
Week 4: Constructive Environments and Landscapes

3. Digital Painting in Photoshop

Week 1: Understanding blending and colors. Painting a Simple object
Week 2: Rendering a still life scene with a single light source.
Week 3: Rendering an outdoor scene.
Week 4: Understanding various layer modes like overlay, color dodge, and quick ways of painting a scene.

4. Constructing Characters from Imagination.

Week 1: Gesture Drawing with emphasis on line of action
Week 2: Shapes, breaking down your actor into simple shapes and creative silhouettes
Week 3: Exaggerating poses, understanding basic anatomy.
Week 4: Constructing a character from your imagination, in various styles

Courses are taught on Skype 40$ per four week course.  The first week can be considered a demo (each week has a one or two hour class), and you can opt for the entire course after it if you like the demo.

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