Monday 26 January 2015

The Ballet Of The Ephemeral

When the twenty two year old Mita realizes that she's a character from a book, she has an existential crisis and moves from one book to another as she struggles to stay in her own narrative. She tries to embrace her transient nature which may help her regain her peace of mind.


I've been trying to work with gamut masks as I think it helps one to control colours in your painting. A gamut mask is a shape (in my case a rough triangle) masked over the color wheel.  You then pick the colours from inside the mask and the leave the ones outside it. James Gurney talks about it in detail here.

You can also download a free software called kgamut to analyse your paintings. Here's an analysis of my painting on kgamut.

 If you want a colour picker plugin in Photoshop with gamut mask options, offers one for about 11 USD.

Tuesday 13 January 2015

The Hydrogenesis Station on Lepton

The Hydrogenesis Station on Lepton was the envy of its binary twin planet Meson (visible in the background).